Yoga Life, Holistic approach to health

The definition of health according to WHO . Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the abs...

Yoga Life, Basic rules of yoga practice

Basic rules of yoga practice

1. Aim should be clear why you want to do yoga.. yoga can be done for spiritual benefits or for health benefits...

2. Select Proper time and place for yoga practice it is important factor of yoga practice.
3. Don't start yoga practice without Proper training or without good teacher..
4. Before starting yogic practice read good books of yoga to make your mind clear ...
5.To get success in yoga practice follow yogic philosophy also . Only practice of ashan is not enough..
6. Always take yogic diets..without proper yogic diets all yoga practice is useless..during yoga practice avoid smoking, alcohol and nonveg. time to practice yoga is morning 4 am to 6 am or before sun rise.. it will give result soon..
8.for best result do practice in supervision of a good teacher...

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